Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finding Time...Rambling on

Blogging is a treat, if I don't get so much of something done (I'm talking house chores and the like...remodels with just a bit left to do here and there), I don't give myself the pleasure of writing in this space. I still get a bit of blog surfing in, but when it comes to putting my thoughts out there, I don't have the time.

Today, before heading to the job of de-stuffing our home...some more, I am posting a bit...I'll start here: I have worked from home for ten years. Since making this transition, the chores that were easily done before are now piling up and taunting me. I am a clean freak. Having three kids and two hairy dogs (and a husband) makes for a challenge when it comes to playing "keep up". I have decided the problem is more all the stuff we have and not so much the dirt the dogs bring in from the muddy outdoors. Stuff is everywhere! Stuff is crowding out my thoughts and balanced time for my creative ventures, totally bringing me down. I have to create or...I'll just say I am not that fun to be around, and I can admit that. Working at Tribes definitely gives me creative time with my hands, and I learn something new everyday. But it also needs to flow into my home life. I have not sewn anything for more than a week!

Dance class helps, it gives me creative body movements. And the fact that it is something I leave the house for helps as well...dishes and laundry done or not, I get to leave the clutter of my home and enjoy music and dance...And I guess the plan to move and sell our house in a year, puts even more pressure on me to de-clutter and finish projects...I am already thinking, "12 months...that is not a lot of time to organise and ready a home for selling!" Luckily we have the opportunity to camp out in my parent's large basement while we sell. I can't imagine trying to sell with the traffic we have in our home. I would go crazy and no one would want to be around joke. Can buyers look past the dog hair swirling in the corners of a room? No.

I am doing some serious rambling here. If you have made it this far, thanks for listening...

Besides working on weeding out the stuff we have acquired, trying to find my balance when it comes to working outside our home, sewing for a new online shop, training my Great Pyrenees and being a good vegetarian (you know, making sure my family is eating what they need to be healthy -planning meals and such), I will share some of the thoughts floating between Lance and I for our next home:

*Will it be an old farm house, made green? A yurt or straw bale?
*Chickens, goats and sheep
*cob ovens
*gardens and canning.
*sewing for a better future...more on that later.
*native laundry detergent

I really could keep listing thoughts here...but I should just get back to work...or moving forward, as I call it.

(I guess it is time to compost my tulips)


Shannon Hodgins said...

Oh my gosh, love your post! I'm actually surfing for the first time in a week....barely back on my feet.

Man I SOOOOO relate to the stuff. I'm driving my husband nuts bitching about it. I have too much stuff I'm storing in case we have another baby, but my basement is also a warehouse. Our business is from home so there is tons of stuff in the basement and garage. I know it's "work" but it is also in my "home" space.

I want the motherlode of a yard sale in the spring.

And interesting stuff bopping 'round in that brain. Can't wait to see what you decide on the new digs. Shannon

Hazel Nut said...

As a teacher I hang on to everything, just in case. However the educational assisants who work with me toss stuff when my back is turned. Sometimes the next day I need the item they tossed, but more often than not I never even find out (till they tell me months or years later)!
Stuff - it can take over our lives!