Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sugar, Scares, and Change...

Halloween. What can I say. Every year we do it. Always glad it is over at the end of the night too. After a fun, yet somewhat stressful, evening of trying to make our rounds of trick or treating, I am done. year we aren't doing it. Ya, we'll still have costumes and such, the girls do have school carnivals. But I am not doing the whole "Run around and try to get as many treats as possible" bit. All these treats mean I have the job of keeping a close eye on the kids for 2 weeks, making sure they don't eat too much sugar at one time. ARG! Especially when I am trying to cut alot of our sugar intake out, not to mention all the packaging and other hoopla!

I am going to come up with some new Halloween traditions for next year. Family movie "Fright Night" and handing out candy ourselves, or something else super fun for the kids. Something that is just ours...Any ideas out there for alternative Halloween fun?

We told the girls we weren't spending any money this year on Halloween costumes. They had to come up with their own ideas from what we had. Ausha was an African Princess, an old dance costume from last year. Kaziah was a vampire, how many years has she been this? And Roxie was a ladybug. Of course, I helped her by sewing black felt circles on a dance leotard. Good job girls, I am proud of you for thinking outside the Halloween box. Hopefully they will continue to do so, as I am serious about not trick or treating next year.

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