Friday, November 16, 2007

Got Dirt?

Anyone need dirt? We have some to spare...Seriously.

Lance comes home this evening after a week away for work. (Yah, I did say something about Lance being home for a while, sure didn't last long) What is he coming home to? More work!

This is what we, I should say he, was doing last weekend. I love watching him work a shovel. Those of you who really know me, know just how true this is...SO, instead of getting my chores done, I spent my time watching Lance work. (Really is one of my favorite past-times, I think it started here)

There are plans for a native (wouldn't have it any other way) drought resistant landscape. Many people think using native plants would be limiting, but let me tell is not! There are so many plants to choose from. Why do people insist on having lush, green lawns when they could have native wildlife habitat in their own back yard?

Another love of mine, watching Lance lay pavers. After a layer of base, the pathway with stepping stones will become a nice walkway of pavers. Easy to shovel snow off and pretty to look at. We also have plenty of river cobble to add, although we're not sure if we will. Don't want too many textures taking hold, probably leave the river cobble in back.

I am really looking forward to the side berm area. It will be packed full of natives shrubs, grasses, and a few large rocks.

I love the picture of Lance contemplating his next move, which happens tomorrow. Fingers crossed the tractor and loader is available for our use. Need to remove more dirt and buy base. Seriously, if you are in the area and need some fill dirt, leave a comment and we'll get it together.

Plans next spring: Area that is still grass will be reseeded with a native turf and a fixed sidewalk.

Also sharing the native landscape Lance did for his parents in June of '06. The plants are rather small in these pictures. If you were to see the landscape now you would be amazed. I'll have to get some recent pictures to share. Lance is very good at this sort of thing and I love showing off his work.

If you are wondering what ever happened to our master bath remodel, know that it is still in progress. Just hit a few design speed bumps. We are back on track and will post pictures soon. Finding the perfect faucet to match the perfect glass vessel can be harder than it sounds...

In case you haven't noticed, Lance is in charge of our landscape and I am the remodel "Queen B". (let your imagination run with that!)

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Shannon Hodginss said...

Oh, now that's a kick butt post! I've gotta show hubby that. I'd love to get away from the suburban water slurping, pesticide needing yard that we have.

My husband is getting seriously frustrated with a few of my crunchy ways. We had a fuss about fabric softner the other day. Um, turns out the stuff is highly toxic!

I think once you start going greener it just snowballs, doesn't it.

LOVE the yard work. Way to go.

And yes, my husband is always in the black for nookie points when I see him hard working. It isn't intentional. It's just sexy. Maybe it's a pheremone thing.....

I think sweat, and most interestingly enough, soap are the sexiest of smells. Shannon