Monday, August 6, 2007

My Fireman...

For those who do not know, I have a weakness for firemen. My girls would tell you this when there is firetruck, or anything to do with firemen, in sight. In honor of all our brave firemen...Thank you...Be sure to wink at me when you go by!

Photo of Lance, summer 1996.
(photographer unknown)


creme brulee said...

Hi Myshell (and Lance),

I did find my way back and saw the Snake River entry before it was replaced by your most recent posts.

Re the Snake River pix; it looks like someone was involved in “real kayaking”. Was that Lance in the blue double hull, almost sitting on its side? Good one.

My most recent kayaking adventure, two weeks ago in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, took place on a peaceful waterway, part of the extensive Trent-Severn canal system. A person could spend several weeks kayaking from lake to lake, interconnected by scenic canals and rivers. (One more in a long list of personal goals.)

Your addition of extra links and info was helpful (i.e. related to the Murtaugh section and re drive-ins).

The shots from the drive-in screen reminded me of the time a fellow and I bumped heads under the dashboard of his car because we were frightened by the same scene from Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, starring Bette Davis (I think!). Not a proud moment, though we both laughed all the way home. Way before your time!

Cheers, crème brulee, also found at (a weekly column)

creme brulee said...

Hi Myshell,

Thanks for the quick response. I left the following message as well back at Four Mugs.

I think most of my adventures are being pushed ahead as well. One at a time.

I leave for Calgary, Alberta tomorrow with Espresso, another blogger on our mutual site, to visit his brother, see Lake Louise (Canadian landmark) and hike into the foothills of the Rockies. Excellent. I'll take and post several photos upon my return.

Try going to, then go to columnists, then to It Strikes Me Funny.

My column changes every Wed. or Thursday.

Cheers. cb/GH