Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And They're Off!

Another school year starts... This time around, things are spiced up a bit. Roxie is still at our favorite private school, as a kindergartner no less. Kaziah is in her first year as a 4th grader at a Performance Art charter school. This is a big deal for a little girl who has been in a private school setting, with about 11 students in the whole grade school. She must now navigate a 32 pupil class room. And then there is Ausha...starting the 7th grade...need I say more?

Where does that leave me this morning? Doing a few chores, wondering how my chicks are doing and also a new start of my new schedule...one that will enable me to finish moving my family out to the farm, get to sewing for an Etsy shop -after a bit of baby sewing first (I know I've talked about it a lot) and concentrate on my healing...which for me means keeping super busy, preparing for and looking forward to getting pregnant again.

Oh happy day.

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KC said...

hey- you're back :-) Glad to be able to read your recent blog entries! Here's to a wonderful school year! and I can't wait to see what kinds of animals you end up with. Happy almost autumn!