Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stealing a Moment...

Sunday morning found me grabbing my coffee, book, journal, camera -of course- and headed out to the pasture for a little time alone. Some much needed quiet time that is very hard to carve out for myself these days. Stealing a moment for myself, almost hiding. Yet if anyone was truly looking for me they just had to turn the right corner. I simply slipped away into the morning light. A moment of silence is my ultimate savior...as always, really.

What I have found from my loss of pregnancy is this: Everyone around you forgets, except you. The glance of a beautiful-bellied prego woman quickly becomes a fresh cut of remembrance. Working through these emotions have proven difficult for me. I find myself falling into the dark waters of sad emotion and...feeling alone in my fight against depression. Finding a quiet moment saves me, enables me to acknowledge these emotions and let them float on by. This is definitely easier said than done.

And so, a quiet morning, alone with myself brings me back. And then, I hear my name being called out across the field...

On another, yet similar note, I won a give-away! Funny enough, it's all about cultivating emotional intelligence.

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