Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The girls have been taking turns camping with Mimi this summer. Just them and Mimi (Grandma). This week it was Roxie's turn. Man, I missed my baby! (yes...she is 3) While camping, Roxie found this injured dragonfly and brought it home. I was thinking her first show-and-tell item, Lance thought differently. You see, it was still alive and Lance said it should die with dignity. My heartbroken Roxie watched as he put it on a branch to die. "Wait for him to die and then you can have him" was of no consolation to my three year old. Oh, the woes of being three...

Yep, you read right...Lance is home!!! He came home a day early...We were all so excited to see our man Lance. Looking forward to our long weekend together. I am wanting to go to the City of Rocks, Lance wants to go to Box Canyon. I mentioned Yellowstone for a quick trip (thanks to Crunchy's previous post for this idea)

Lance says, "Yah- into the fires"
Then I reply, "Firemen!"
Lance says, "Should have seen that coming"

What does he expect? He started this fascination with those fine firemen. Good to have him home, my family is whole again and I can breathe easier.

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