Sunday, August 19, 2007

Power Tools are Empowering!

Yah...that's me with the saw! The amount of confidence that comes with using a big power tool can never be known -until you do's fantastic! I may be silly, but I don't really care!!!

We have been super busy this weekend. Took a break from the master bath, trying to get a few projects done before Lance comes home. Actually, these are Lance's projects. It's all a big surprise!
Danny and I worked on the "too short of fence" dog kennel all day yesterday. (Bailee can jump 3-4 feet without even thinking about it) I am proud to say, I cut the pickets to size and screwed them all in myself! You can see we left the shorter fence in front and put the taller pickets inside the kennel. We also left large spaces between the pickets so the dogs can see out when my daycare kids are around. Bailee will not be teaching Rogue to jump/climb the fence anymore (Rogue hasn't tried yet). Plus, when Rogue is 100 plus pounds, the fence will be much stronger to withstand his heft.
Danny also put my new clothesline posts in the ground, just waiting for the cement to dry to finish it up. Until now, my clothesline was strung up from the deck post to the swing set, not too great on the swing set.
That's what our weekend is about, looking forward to Lance coming home and doing chores -pretty much sums it up.

Ausha took the picture of me with the saw, the last picture is inside the dog kennel. I wouldn't even try it Bailee! (We call her Houdini)

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