Sunday, August 19, 2007

Plastic? No Thank You...

Finding more ways to say good-bye to plastic. I recycle our fabric softener bottles, but in our effort to reduce, the most important of the three "R"s, it is out of my shopping cart for good.

"Fabric softener: How I love thee...Let me count the ways...You make my laundry lavender fresh and "Oh so soft" off the line. I bid you fare well. I will miss you and your smelly goodness. (But the feeling I get from knowing I am doing my part will forever outnumber you!)"

How about another? Has anyone ever used "Maggie's Soap Nuts"? I like the fact that it does not involve a large plastic container and it is a natural way to keep clean, in more ways than one! Found at

One 10.5 oz. box of Maggie's Soap Nuts, a 100% natural laundry soap that grows on trees. Contains enough nuts for 35 - 50 loads of laundry and includes a cotton bag to hold them in the wash. Sustainably harvested from India and Indonesia using no chemicals or pesticides. Soap nuts are environmentally friendly and contain absolutely no synthetic chemicals, fragrances or fillers. Made purely by nature. Replaces all laundry soaps and fabric softeners.

Yet another. I pack my kid's school lunches. Can you imagine the amount of sandwich plastic bags two kids run through during a school year? Not anymore, not in my house. I bought some cute little sandwich containers to reuse and reuse and reuse.

Good luck in your search for a plastic-free life. There is plastic all around you, how will you choose?


Shannon said...

Your plastic commentary has so made me think. Thanks for posting about it. I've found myself looking around my house with different eyes. Shannon

Myshell said...

I think that's wonderful! I hope it makes other people think too. I am excited to use the soap nuts. Have you read more into these? you can get rid of the bar soap also. Make your own by boiling the nuts and putting it in your recycled plastic container. I was thinking of adding some lavender oil to the liquid soap, I love lavender. Isn't that clever? Clever and Earth friendly!