Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Tofu Dog...

I made my first dish with tofu last night. VERY YUMMY! My kids even liked it, which is saying a lot! I figured any recipe with ginger, fresh lime, curry paste and lots of colorful veggies had to be a winner...and I was right. As we were cleaning up, I gave Rogue a taste of plain tofu...he loved it! Need to read up on this as I am not sure about tofu in his diet, but hey...little bit can't hurt...Crazy Tofu Dog!

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Shannon said...

Cool! I love tofu sandwiches and also frequently make a baked tofu and eggplant dish. Just can't quite get the husband on it.

We are going meat lite too, and also going for lower impact meats. A nix on beef, and are trying to cut meat consumption in half. Healthier too!