Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There is a better Choice

Lunapads...What are they you ask. I am surprised at how many people are not aware of this choice. We're talking menstrual cycles here...

Like recycling bottles and newspapers, washing Lunapads or rinsing out the DivaCup is a little more work than throwing away your used pads and tampons. But with over 14 billion pads, tampons and applicators going into North American landfills every year, it’s a small but important way of taking personal responsibility for a massive environmental problem.It may sound strange if you’re new to the idea, but after using your new natural menstrual products over time, they start to feel like old friends. There is something very gentle, intimate and comforting about using them every month. After a while, the idea of going to a drugstore to buy pads or tampons seems like an unimaginable waste of time and money, when you could just be spending time taking care of yourself instead.

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And a cheers! I so loved this You Tube. Poweful, funny and to the point.